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Desdemona's is a consignment gallery currently representing 30 artists and craftsmen local to the Lake Erie area.

You'll enjoy browsing artwork primarily inspired by nautical and nature themes offered in a broad range of media.

Please scroll down to enjoy a sample of our wares.
John Brabander creates vases, candle holders and lamps from Lake Erie driftwood. Fused glass work by Kim Carlson.
So many lovely things to see...
Charming wheel thrown ceramics by Colin Budd.

Gotta love mermaids. Our cast iron mermaids are the only items we carry that are not locally made, but you wanted them so we brought them back!

Also in this pic is a deer painted on driftwood by Laura A. Brown and watercolor prints by Jim Siemer.

Lara Trech is well known for her nautically themed beaded pieces...both elegant and whimsical. Denise Gallup's beach glass jewelry is a summer favorite.
Lake Erie lucky stone earrings and pendants by Beth Akins are all the rage for beachcombers in the know!
These pristine little "stones" with the inscribed "L" shape are actually the ear bones, (otoliths), of Lake Erie's sheephead, (fresh water drum). While the fish is fun to catch, it is not so very prized by anglers...but looking for lucky stones on our beaches has been a past time going back generations.
For a complete list of Desdemona's Art Gallery's current artists and craftsmen... click on our artist's page above.
Welcoming visitors are Bailey VanKirk (gallery owner) and Laura Brown Egan (gallery founder). Both are oil painters and are always available for custom commissions.
Intarsia, (inlaid wood) by Terry Overmyer. Stained glass by Doug Wilson.
Lyman books and memorobilia offered by author, Tom Koroknay. Custom boat portraits by Bailey VanKirk.
Carved shorebirds by Paul Wilson, (left). Above find Leslie Korenko's Kelleys island books and posters nestled among other treasures.
We have a large selection of ARTIST CARDS by Bailey VanKirk, Jeanne M. Schwerkoske, Jim Siemer and Ari Eickert.
Watercolor print selection by Ari Eickert.
Jeanne M. Schwerkoske
Jim Siemer
Bailey VanKirk
Ari Eickert
Soft sculpture mermaids by Michelle Gottschell...we have them exclusively in our area...snap them up when they arrive...they go quickly!
Turned wood bowls by Ralph Oxley.
Greg Boltz makes gorgeous nautical tables and boat shelves.
Custom mermaids by Laura A. Brown. Seashell wreath by Christa Josupeit. Driftwood mobiles by Teri Gannon. Black duck lamp by Paul Wilson...more.
Robin and Chuck Attebery create fun, nautical concrete garden sculptures.
Their cast of the Lake Erie Monster was sculpted by Laura A.Brown, available exclusively at Desdemona's.
Desdemona's Art Gallery is home for good! After renting space at two previous locations Bailey VanKirk and husband James Cagle, (left), purchased and renovated this cool century building. The gallery was originally founded by Laura Brown Egan along with her best friend, Sandee Abele, who is now happily retired. Laura and husband D'Arcy Egan, (right), are still involved in the business but thrilled to pass on operations to, (daughter), Bailey.
by Bailey VanKirk
by Laura A. Brown
NEW in 2015, tile art by Barb Wismar.

NEW in 2015 our design, Marblehead Mugs

$10 each or 2 for $17.00

Some new pieces by Laura A. Brown for 2015...
...and new by Bailey VanKirk.
OPEN DAILY, at least, 11:00-5:00 Call Bailey at 419 341-3836 for info.